Smack 4.1.0-beta2 released --- FOSDEM 2015: "XMPP and Android" Slides

I’d like to thank everyone at FOSDEM 2015 and XMPP Summit for such a nice time and interesting talks. I sure haven’t talk to all people at the XMPP Summit, but hope that we’ll meet again soon. You can find my slides of my lightning talk “XMPP and Android” at

While travelling home from Brussels in the ICE, I was able to prepare and upload beta2 of Smack 4.1. Please update your build setups and report any issues in the forum.


Thanks for sharing. It was interesting to read even from a non-developer perspective All those neat mobile XEPs

This is pretty good, I love the fact that real effort is being put into this project and I will update all my libs. Looking forward to the patches XD

Does saveVCard work in this revision? I went from alpha6 straight to beta 2 (using an Openfire 3.9.5 XMPP server) and saving vCards no longer works. It says the feature is not supported.

“XMPPError: feature-not-implemented - cancel”

This always returns false

VCardManager vCardManager = VCardManager.getInstanceFor(connection);

boolean isSupported = vCardManager.isSupported(user.userName());

Please report issues in the Smack Users forum and have a look at sue

Thank you.

When I see this info, I’m really superised. The 4.1 version is very convinent when I using smack on Android palataform.