Smack 4.1.5 - No ChatManager

I am unable to find the ChatManager in Smack 4.1.5.

I have included the following libs in a AndroidStudio (version 1.3.1) project on a Mac OS X (10.9.5):

  • smack-android-4.1.5.jar

  • smack-android-extensions-4.1.5.jar

  • smack-core-4.1.5.jar

  • smack-extensions-4.1.5.jar

  • smack-tcp-4.1.5.jar

and when I ‘import;’ I get the error “Cannot resolve symbol ‘chat’”.

Is there a specific jar file I am missing where the ChatManager is found?

ChatManager is part of smack-im.

Pro tip: Simply checkout the source code and search for the file (e.g. "find smack -name “ChatManager*”) if you encounter this situation again…