Smack 4.1 began to support xep-0198, but without the support of openfire in server side, does it work?

hi, guys

I knew the new smack 4.1 had begun to support xep-0198, it’s good for us. But, i have read the standard of xep-0198, it should be implemented in both sides(client and server). I don’t know whether the openfire has already implemented the xep-0198 ( I have read the change log of openfire, there is nothing about xep-0198.). So my question is “If i enabled xep-0198 in my clients, does it really works?”.


No, the server needs to support it of course.

Thank you for your reply!

Does this mean that now I cannot use xep-0198 because openfire server hasn’t implement xep-0198?

Yes, you can’t, if you are using Openfire. But there are a few other servers which support it, to my knowledge only Prosody and ejabberd since its most recent version.

Thanks very much!

But now I have the doubt that “Can smack be used with other server like ejabberd ?” or " Is smack just for openfire and we could not use smack to commucation with other xmpp servers except openfire? "

It can be used with any XMPP compliant server, not just Openfire.


I will try ejabberd.