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Smack 4.2.0 released

Around two years ago, on 2015-03-29 to be precise, Smack 4.1.0 was tagged and released. A few days ago I’ve tagged and released Smack 4.2.0 to Maven Central. The 4.2.0 release marks a milestone for Smack, but before I got into the exciting new features, I’d like to thank the various contributors:

$ git shortlog -sn 4.1.0…4.2.0

459 Florian Schmaus

 8  Fernando Ramirez

 3  Anno van Vliet

 3  Tibo-lg

 3  damencho

 3  ramabit

 2  Andrey Starodubtsev

 2  Vyacheslav Blinov

 2  stawny

 1  Andrey Prokopenko

 1  Craig

 1  Daniel Hintze

 1  Dave Cridland

 1  David Black

 1  Dmitry Deshevoy

 1  Grigory Fedorov

 1  Hugues Bruant

 1  Ishan Khanna

 1  TheHaf

 1  Tomas Nosek

 1  Tomáš Havlas

 1  UltimateZero

 1  Vaibhav

 1  meisterfuu

 1  rohanag12

 1  vfite

I can not remember when Smack had so many contributors. Thanks everyone and keep the contributions coming.

The notable changes to Smack 4.2 include support for DNSSEC (thanks to a previous MiniDNS GSOC project), JIDs as first class citizens by using JXMPP’s JID API, and** tons of other improvements, new features and bug fixes**. You can read more in the Smack 4.2 Readme and Upgrade Guide and the Smack’s JIRA release notes.

Last but not least, thanks to Bilal Siddiq, Smack now has a logo.

Ever wanted to contribute to open source? Are you interested in XMPP/DNS/DNSSEC? Google gives students the chance to work on open source projects and get paid for it as part of Google’s Summer of Code 2017. The XSF acts as umbrella organization for projects like Smack and MiniDNS [4]. Feel free to contact me in the gsoc@muc.xmpp.org if you are interested in participating or if you want to discuss your own Smack/MiniDNS related project ideas.

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