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Smack 4.2.2 released

Smack 4.2.2 was tagged and released recently to Maven Central.

We like to thank everyone who contributed to this release. This not only includes the various contributors shown below, but also everyone who reported an issue or suggested an improvement.

$ git shortlog -sn 4.2.1..4.2.2                                                                                                                                           >> ~/data/code/smack
    39  Florian Schmaus
     5  Ingo Bauersachs
     2  Dmitry Deshevoy
     2  damencho
     2  vanitasvitae
     1  iachimoe

The list of fixed bugs can be found in the Smack 4.2.2 changelog. Or have a look at the github comparison of the 4.2.1…4.2.2 tags.