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Smack 4.3.0 Omemo Support

aTalk is updating to use smack 4.3.0. However maven smack 4.3.0 libraries does not contain the same omemo version for use. I see there is an omemo version 4.4.0-apha1. Can I use this with smack 4.3.0 or do I have to use your latest source to compile the omemo libraries for use with smack 4.3.0? If so required, where can I download the latest omemo source for use with smack 4.3.0.

I have ported in smack 4.3.0; and for the Omemo libraries, I updated my local source with your latest sources that include new toXML prototype. aTalk is now able to run with smack 4.3.0 from preliminary testing. However need more testing to confirm everything is OK.

Nice to hear :slight_smile: . The 4.3 branch will not be update with the stuff merged in #177. So at some point you probably want to upgrade to 4.4 once that gets released.

Thanks. I will stick at 4.3.0 at this moment until 4.4.0 has released beta version or a snapshot.
So fat everything seems work for Omemo with smack 4.3.0.

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