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Smack 4.3.4 | Android

Smack Version: smack 4.3.4


I have upgraded to 4.1 to 4.3.4, after upgrading I am facing many issues, Can you please tell me any document from where I can check how to prepare stanza with custom extension, i am not able to prepare stanza same like 4.1, I have checked the wiki page but it is not enough for me. any other document which is detailed or any android example?

Thanks in advance

If I am not wrong I think you will find a documentation folder here .

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Yes, I have read this already, can you please tell me if you know about any chat application source code to see as a guide of implementation?


aTalk uses the most recent Smack 4.4.0-alpha2


Open-source XMPP client for Android http://xabber.com

Android Chat Application using Openfire server and XMPP (SMACK) client

Build an Android Chat App from Scratch using XMPP and Smack

A demo XMMP android application using Android studio with SMACK Library

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