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Smack 4.4.0-alpha2: IQ#initializeAsResultFor(IQ) method has coding error

The method initializeAsResultFor() instead of reverse IQ.to and IQ.from Jid’s, it duplicates iq.to to both the IQ.to and IQ.from jid’s, as it does not save a copy of iq.from before the setFrom statement.

protected final void initializeAsResultFor(IQ request) {
    if (!(request.getType() == Type.get || request.getType() == Type.set)) {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(
                "IQ must be of type 'set' or 'get'. Original IQ: " + request.toXML());

The method is not mean to be used if this == request witin the method body holds.

Or maybe I am not understanding your defect report?

Yes, this is how I was using it. During aTalk implementation for XEP-0070, the deny reply for the IQ Request needs to include the sender stanza; So instead of create new reply IQ, my initial though was just using the iqRequest for reply by reversing the to/from attributes, then add in the StanzaError element.

To avoid future confusion and mistake made by user, would smack considers to save a copy of request.getFrom() before the setFrom(), and then use it in setTo().

I’d rather like to steer Smack into a direction where stanzas and extension elements are immutable, so that this can not happen again. Hence I consider adding a safeguard assert against this kind of misuse.