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Smack 4.4.0-beta1 released

The Smack developers are happy to announce the first beta release of Smack 4.4. Together with Smack 4.4 entering the beta phase, the ‘4.4’ git branch of Smack was created. This means that the API of Smack 4.4 is becoming more and more stable: we will try avoid breaking API changes during the beta phase whenever possible.

Smack 4.4.0-beta1 is now available on Maven Central.


Thanks for putting your effort on Smack development. I will try it in our app and see if there is any issue to report. One minor suggestion that I think will enhance announcement is linking the change log.

The changelog is not yet finished. An incomplete list of changes can be found in the wiki.

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And there is always the list of issues fixed in 4.4.0 in Ignite’s JIRA.

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