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Smack 4.4.0 muc.leave() aways time out,StazaIdFIlter aways return false

smack 4.4.0


protected void invokeStanzaCollectorsAndNotifyRecvListeners(final Stanza packet) {

    // Loop through all collectors and notify the appropriate ones.
    for (StanzaCollector collector : collectors) {


muc.leave() will send StazaIdFilter(),and in collector.processStanza(packet) , StazaIdFilter.accept will aways return false , so resultQueue is null forever, leave() aways timeout

I am not sure if this is supposed to be a bug report or simply asking for help.

Why? Last time I checked, it behaved as expected for me.

But obviously this would be the case if the MUC service modifies the ID of the reflected presence. Is this the case?

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