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Smack 4.4.0 released

We are happy to announce Smack 4.4.0, which is the first major release since the release of Smack 4.3.0 in August 2018. Smack 4.4.0 includes many new features, bug fixes, and improvements. The Smack 4.4.0 release artifacts are now available on Maven Central.

Smack is a community effort and would not be possible without plenty of contributors. We like to thank everyone who contributed to this release:

$ git shortlog -sn 4.3.0..4.4.0
   813  Florian Schmaus
    78  Paul Schaub
    27  Aditya Borikar
     7  Georg Lukas
     7  Guus der Kinderen
     4  Benjamin JALON
     2  Damian Minkov
     2  Jesus Fuentes
     2  Oliver Mihatsch
     2  Simon Schuster
     1  Alameyo
     1  Andrey Sokolov
     1  Bastien Rouiller
     1  Daryl E. Herzmann
     1  Eng ChongMeng
     1  Greg Thomas
     1  Heckel
     1  John Haubrich
     1  Marcel Heckel
     1  Matthew Wild
     1  Miguel Hincapie
     1  Mohsen Hariri
     1  Piotr Nosek
     1  Tairs Rzajevs
     1  V Lau
     1  spslinger

The release of Smack 4.4.0 also means that Smack 4.3 does no longer receive bug fixes as part of the community effort. However, it is possible to reach out to professional services in case of issues with Smack 4.3.

Please refer to the release’s README for more information about Smack 4.4


Thank you Florian and the team for the time and effort you put on Smack

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