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Smack 4.4.0: Roster class #getInstaceFor() method uses XMPPConnection, an interface class as passing parameter

In Roster class the method: public static synchronized Roster getInstanceFor(XMPPConnection connection) defines XMPPConnection interface class as its passing parameter.

This is flagged as error when a calling routine uses an interface class as passing parameter in Roster.getInstanceFor().

I am sorry, I have a hard time figuring out this issue report.

Yes, Roster.getInstanceFor() declares an interface type as its sole paramater, as do most getInstanceFor() methods in Smack.

Flagged where? By whom? Could you show us the text of the error?

“interface class”?

My apology, I think it is my mistake.
Last week, android studio flagged this as error in aTalk source; However I just recheck again, seem it is no more flagged as error.
Sorry for inconvenience cause to everybody.

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