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Smack 4.4.5 and 4.5.0-alpha1 released

We are happy to announce the release of Smack 4.4.5. Thanks to numerous contributors this patch level release includes many fixes and improvements.

For a high-level overview of what’s changed in Smack 4.4.4, check out Smack’s changelog

The shortlog for the 4.4.5 release is

Florian Schmaus (21):
      Smack 4.4.5-SNAPSHOT
      [core] Remove erroneous "assert !connected" in connect()
      [muc] Correctly processes self-presences
      [muc] Only notify() about processed self-presence once
      [pubsub] Allow for character data before <item/>'s payload
      [formtypes] Add FormFieldRegistry.register(String, FormField.Type, String...)
      [softwareinfo] Register urn:xmpp:dataforms:softwareinfo's field types
      Add o.j.smackx.softwareinfo.form.SoftwareInfoForm to startup classes
      Prevent password enforcement for SASL GSSAPI
      [xdata] Adjust behavior of BooleanFormField.getValueAsBoolean()
      [xdata] Add BooleanFormField.getValueAsBooleanOrNull()
      [core] Improve warning message of ExceptionThrowingCallbackWithHint
      [core] Use Enum.toString() in XmlStringBuilder.attribute(String, Enum<?>)
      [core] Factor PacketParserUtils.parseIqData() in extra method
      [core] Support IqProvider in SmackTestUtil
      [jingle] Improve Jingle <reason/> support
      [SmackFuture] Invoke the callbacks at most once
      [tcp] Unravel SSLSocketFactory.createSocket() invocation
      [core] Deprecate some SSLContext config options and add KeyManager option
      Switch to CHANGELOG.md
      Smack 4.4.5

cmeng-git (2):
      [core] Fix IQProvider javadoc
      [jingle] Add element and text to JingleReason's XML

Boris Grozev (1):
      [core] Correctly handle due time of '0' in SmackReactor

Together with 4.4.5, we released the first alpha version of the upcoming Smack 4.5 series. It contains many exciting new features and improvements. We are happy about your feedback.

As always, all Smack releases are available via Maven Central.

We would like to use this occasion to point at that Smack now ships with a NOTICE file. Please note that this adds some requirements when using Smack as per the Apache License 2.0. The content of Smack’s NOTICE file can conveniently be retrieved using Smack.getNoticeStream().