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Smack & Account Creation

I’'m trying to use a Smack-based program to create new accounts on a Jive 2.3.0 (beta 1) server.

In the “registration and login” section of the server admin pages I’'ve got “inband account registration” enabled.

The code looks like this:

XMPPConnection connection = new XMPPConnection(“xmpp.bar.com”);

connection.login(“bofh”, “lart”);

AccountManager accountManager = connection.getAccountManager();

accountManager.createAccount(“luser”, “smack”);

I get an exception thrown, “Server does not support account creation.”

Am I missing something on the server config side, or is this

code wrong?

You also need Anynomous Logon enabled. Is that enabled?


Yes, anonymous login is enabled.

this question was also answered in the messenger board