Smack and J2ME

I am just wondering if Smack only works with J2SE, and not with J2ME?

Thanks for answering!


Smack is intended for J2SE and not J2ME. However, a few people have made customizations to the library so that it will work under J2ME. Do a search of the forums for more info.



thanks, I was just browsing the forums and I found some interesting posts



May I ask what you want to do with a J2ME version of Smack? If you are trying to make a XMPP client for J2ME, I’'d like you to consider the folowing.

The price you’'ll have to pay for sending and receiving data over a GPRS network.

The usability of a J2ME application vs a J2SE application. You don’‘t want to type in a lot of messages. Yes I know people are using SMS, but that’'s different.

And the most important thing is maybe the amout of data that is send, because of the xml-structure that is used by the XMPP protocol.


Mark Monster

yes, I am trying to make a XMPP client for J2ME on a PDA and later make some additions to the client as a “proof-of-concept”. The client will only be used to show the concepts, so price is not a concern atm.

At first I will use a PDA and WLAN, and later try to port it to a celluar phone.

I think Smack has the things I need for the development.



I hope so for you. I don’‘t know if there has been made use of a lot of java.util classes but remember those aren’‘t in J2ME pack. But off coarse you can alway write them yourself. And I know most PDA’‘s now have a lot of power and memory so I think that won’'t be too big a problem.

I wish you good luck.


Mark Monster