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Smack based client released

Whisper Instant Messenger, a smack based open source Jabber client has been released - version 0.1.9 Alpha.

More info at https://whisperim.dev.java.net/

Smack related features include:

Multi User Chat supper (JEP45)

Service Discovery Tool (JEP30)

Vcard support

Forms support

Feel free to explore the source code.



Had to patch due to

serious bug.

Source and binaries have been updated - now version

Apologies to anyone who downloaded already, but you should update.

Whisper Instant Messenger 0.2 released.

Whisper IM is a open source, Smack-based client in 100% Java that provides end-to-end encryption over a XMPP/Jabber network.

The new stable version includes:

  • Many bug fixes.

  • Support for secure channels (encrypted group chat).

  • Improved look and feel (screenshots).

  • Lots of enhancements.

Download: https://whisperim.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentList

Screenshots: https://whisperim.dev.java.net/screenshots/

Protocol: https://whisperim.dev.java.net/protocol/

Home: https://whisperim.dev.java.net/

I am trying it and it’'s quite a smart soft! The installation is really user friendly and the interface is simple and clear. I think I am going to take it as my day-to-day IM soft. Good work!