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Smack Can used for J2ME


I want to used the new version of smack for J2ME, is it possible…??. I already googling, and i just got JXA, it is already obsolote.

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Anyone can help…??

Why is JXA obsolete?

Why… ok

  1. The latest development for JXA 1.1 is 2008-09-12.

  2. I already check out the code… and it is not complete for xmpp. For instance in smack there is MUC,

chatstate, packet, presence and so on.

Because i have to developed chat app like whatsapp. I already test the smack jar in my Midlet Project, and it failed due to failed while preverivying the smack code. It because the J2ME is java 1.3.1 and smack is java 1.6 so J2ME does not support floating point. Can you help me??. Maybe i need to modify the smack library or is there any alternative xmpp library for J2ME??.

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IMHO your best bet is to start with JXA. Smack was never designed to support J2ME so it’s maybe difficult to port it to J2ME. But since I never tried, I can’t tell for sure of course. But IIRC J2ME is missing many data structures that smack uses.

That’s all I can say about that topic.

Flow, Thank you for the reply .

I already discuss with my team. Because i am the j2me programmer for the project, so i have to make my own xmpp library. Either i start with JXA or i have to do some research to create it.