Smack Documentation

I was looking into the Smack API, on github (GitHub - igniterealtime/Smack: A modular and portable open source XMPP client library written in Java for Android and Java (SE) VMs) and noticed both the “Overview” link and the “Documentation” links right in the first paragraph of the readme are broken links. I’m hoping there’s good narrative-based documentation somewhere, and not just JavaDocs. Anybody know where this missing content it located? I’m just trying to learn about Smack. I’m assuming is’t still actively maintained because there was activity as recently as a month ago.

There is some documentation on Github’s wiki: Smack 4.4 Readme and Upgrade Guide · igniterealtime/Smack Wiki · GitHub

It’s not massively exhaustive, but should get you started!

Thanks. Also the infamous Baeldung has done something recently too:

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