Smack does not include "thread" in delivery receipts

I have a problem using Gajim and Smack.

Gajim sends messages with thread element, and Smack sends delivery receipts without it. Gajim ignores it and marks message as not delivered.

I found discussion with exactly same problem here: They suggested correctly handle XEP-0201 and keep thread element. Shoud Smack do the same?

Smack’s behavior is correct. There is no need to include in a message containing only a . I also fail to see where xep201 requires this. Nor what Asterix tries to explain in

As it appears now, I believe this to be a Gajim bug.


It is so sad to me, that developers of different clients and servers have such problems in XEP implementations :frowning:

Ping the Gajim folks about it. I’ve talked briefly with Link Mauve about this and he believes this to be non existent anymore in Gajim.