Smack does not support MUCItem's actor 'nick' attribute


I am using Smack 4.1.2 to implement a messaging App in Android.

Now, I’m having problems when implementing the Ban functionality.

Given the following example Stanza(from XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat ) below:


I can get the MUCItem affiliation and role attributes but was unable to get the actor nick’s value since when

MUCItem.getActor() gives me a null value.

Any help would be appreciated.



That’s because Smack did implement the latest changes of the MUC XEP: The ‘nick’ attribute was added with the last version. MUCItem.getActor() returns the optional ‘jid’ value of the ‘actor’ element of the MUC item. Created SMACK-691 to track that. Thanks for reporting.

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