Smack for facebook chat doesn't work with PrivacyListManager

I am working in an android application and I have integrated facebook chat into my android application successfully with asmack. But when I login to the facebook chat with asmack libary, my facebook status is available to every one in FB. I want to set a privacy list so that only my selected friends will be able to see me online in facebook.

But when I tried to set my privacy list with PrivacyListManager of asmack libary ,its always returns an error feature-not-implemented(501). Is there any solution for this using asmack.

Please look into my code :

  // Get the privacy manager for the current connection. 

 PrivacyListManager privacyManager = PrivacyListManager .getInstanceFor(connection); 

try {

 privacyManager.createPrivacyList(listName, privacyItems);

} catch (XMPPException e) { // TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace();