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Smack - IPv6 support


I wonder if it is possible to use Smack with an IPv6 stack?

Did anyone test Smack upon IPv6?

Best regards.

I haven’'t tested myself, but Smack should work with IPv6 just fine since all newer versions of Java support IPv6.



I did test that last summer (northern hemissphere), it works fine, but you have to tell Java to prefer IPv6 over IPv4 if you want to connect to a server that offers both.

Smack works fine with IPv6. Both the 2.* versions and the 3 beta version. I’‘ve only tried it with OpenFire (wildfire). Not sure what other XMPP servers support IPv6. I’'m also not sure how the new Jingle stuff behaves on dual-stack systems. Plan on testing it soon.

You can enable “proper” dual-stack behavior as follows:

// Enable rfc3484 compliant behavior (prefer IPv6 over IPv4 on dual stack systems