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Smack is now pubsub enabled

I have finally committed my changes to Smack so the pubsub API I wrote is now part of codebase. Documentation has also been updated to show how to use it.

I was not really sure where, or if, this deserves some kind of announcement, especially since it wonèt be available to anyone who doesnèt build their own jar from trunk.

Which brings me to my next question. When will the next release of Smack occur, and in the absense of the actual release, is it possible to have nightly builds posted. I looks like they were once upon a time but arenèt any longer.


This is very cool news! It would be great to push out a new Smack release. Much of the work will be updating the readme, changelog and documentation (especially if there will be any detailed info about the pubsub API). Are you willing to help with any of those items? That would definitely help us get this out the door.

One thing I’d love to do is pick a release day we can work towards for all the projects. For example, definitely need to get the official release of Openfire under Apache 2 out!


The documentation for the detailed info for the pubsub API is already done and linked within the existing docs for extensions. I can take a look at the readme and changelog as well. I can certainly update them with regards to pubsub and try to do so with anything else I find that has been updated if you like. I will have limited time next week and will be on vacation the following one, but I can get to it the following week.

Regarding OpenFire, I have updated pubsub to be fully 1.8 compliant and fixed a few bugs. I was planning on updating it to 1.12 (already have tasks in JIRA for that) but now I am wondering if I should just start towards 1.13, since the the rc6 version has just been published. The downside is that there is more work involved in 1.13. Either way, it should wait until after the next release if that will occur in the near future. If I get chance to start working on it, I will do so in a branch.