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Smack jars in Maven repositories


there was already a thread for this discussion (http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/102985#102985). Unfortunately I’m unable to reopen it.

The newest version of a smack jar in a maven repository is still 2.2.1 (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/jivesoftware/smack/). So I always have to install the smack jars into my local repository to perform a maven build.

I wanted to open a wish issue on jira, but it seems that I cannot create issues after a new registration.

Please provide the newest jars for us. See also this guide: http://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-central-repository-upload.html

All maven developers will thank you for it



What the… =) News to me that this even exists! Looks like another thing to add to my list …

Any progress on this? I’d be happy to assist in making this happen.

Would it be possible to add a directory in svn to hold the repository info? That way the central maven repo can automatically sync without further user interaction

    </repositories>     <dependencies>


Would you be interested in syncing your repo to the main maven one? Its usually a matter of crafting a small script

Someone with Jive would have to do that. Since I do not represent them in any way I wouldn’t be allowed to do this. From the Maven site: “Make sure you provide proof of owning the domain that matches the groupId (see groupId considerations above). Proof means either the server to sync from has a name under that domain, your name shows up in a prominent place in the domain, or you provide a link to a whois database where your name shows up as the domain owner.”

Would someone (maybe you) give me a quick rundown of what it takes to do this? What do you have to host on your own site? I’m not looking for a step by step description or a link to maven’s online docs, but rather a quick “yeah, all you have to do is set up an account with them, point them at your standard download url, and you’re done” or soemthing like that.

Well, they say that the owner of the project is the preferred entity to host the repository. However, they also say:

+If the third party project is not willing to provide a repository to

sync from, and you are a regular user of maven and the third party

project, the answer is yes, you can set up a repository as if the

project were yours (see instructions above). Please create a MAVENUPLOAD

Jira issue first describing what and why you are trying to do it, and

you may be designated the “unofficial” mantainer of the repository

section associated to that project, and you will be responsible of

publishing the new releases for that project in your repository if

other users request it. You can opt out at any time.+

I think the simplest way is the create a repository and expose it via subversion. That way, the central maven repositiory can periodically run “svn update” to sync with your repository.

Where do the end users (developers) end up retrieving their copy of the .jar from? In other words, does the central repo cache a copy of the .jar so that the main provider’s site isn’t bombarded with requests? If it’s a simple matter of putting a .jar in an SVN repo, we can certainly do that. But if it means our repos will suddenly get exponentially more hits, we’ll start to run into problems. If it’s a trivial thing and not a maintenance nightmare, I’d see no reason why we couldn’t provide this directly. =)

The end users end up retrieving it from the central maven repository. The central maven repo periodically would sync with your repository to get the new jars, but that is the only entity that would be retrieving the jars from you.

Its not quite as simple as providing just sticking a jar into a svn repo somewhere, the directory structure needs to conform to the maven repository format. Really though, if you create the POM, running the maven “deploy” plugin will create the directory structure for you

Right, so you are the preferred entity to host your repository from which the central repo will sync.

This hardly seems an onerous task for the benefit it would bring, and wont significantly add to your hits or your maintenance.

this thread has been here a looooong time and still nothing seems to have been done.

I think the maven community would be very grateful if you could find your way to making this happen.