Smack-legacy issue with workgroup stanza creation

I am trying to get fastpath working with Spark 2.9.0 which is using Smack 4.19. there are two issues I have found so far in org.jivesoftware.smackx.workgroup.packet both RoomTransfer and RoomInvitation add an extra " to the namespace attribute of the element.

RoomTransfer line 118
buf.append("\" type=\"").append("\">");
<transfer xmlns=''" type="workgroup">
and the same line in RoomInvitation generates
<invite xmlns=''" type="workgroup">
changing the lines to
buf.append(" type=\"").append("\">");
fixes the issue.
I realise this is legacy code but is it something that is likely to get fixed?

Sure, patches welcome :slight_smile:

Happy to but no permission upload files can paste the content of the patch file here if it is of any use

Smack has its Github page, you can submit patch as pull request there. Or paste it in some pastebin and i might try to do PR on your behalf. But it would be better for you to do this, as Iā€™m not a developer.

ok all done Fixes for extra quote in stanzas #192


Great! Thank you for your contribution!