Smack not sending session start stanza on login

I’m getting “Connection failed No response from the server” exceptions when I try to login to my server (ejabberd 2.1.4) using smack 3.1.0. I did a wireshark capture and found that everything looks good until the very last step of authentication, actually opening the xmpp session. The last stanza exchange is:

dbprimary< /iq>

I would expect smack to then open a session but instead it raises a the exception. There can’t be a routing issue as there are several successful request / responses before the exception.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?


I got the source and did some poking around, it basically confirms the wireshark results. line 427 in SASLAuthentication is generating a null because for whatever reason the server response to the bind request is never received. I can see the server definitely sends the correct response from the wireshark log. Can anyone explain why it wouldn’t be received, keeping in mind several other packets are received without a hitch prior to the failure?