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Smack Parse Message Issue

Version use :

Want to know about more info in Smack Library for Android Version

  1. In the class of PacketParserUtils.java, when it call parseMessage, is there any way i add in new AttributeValue tag for parsing? I believe that the code cannot be modify if compile through gradle.

  2. Is there anyway i add in new variable or message type for Message.java?

The idiomatic XMPP approach would be to create your own extension element for message stanzas where you put all your metadata.

You should not invent your own message type or add custom attributes to the top level message element.

Hi Flow,

I had add extension and success send the data, when i received the raw message is
< dataTest type='test '>Lai is handsome< /dataTest >

but after Smack process the message it become
< dataTest xmlns=‘jabber:client’></ dataTes t>

please advise