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Smack Performance

Has anyone else experienced long login times with Smack?

I’‘m using Smak v2.1.0 and connect to a Wildfire 2.4.3 server on the same machine and I’'ve measures the login time as long as a minute.

Anyone have any ideas why this might take so long?

Thanks - AYAL

Further weirdness - I’'ve been running the timer a few more times and get erratic timing, sometimes a few seconds and sometimes a full minute.


I can’'t reproduce such a behavior. “Delay in login” and " SSLXMPPConnection lock " describe something similar.

Are you using a debugger / Eclipse? Maybe you can run your project in Eclipse and press “pause” while you’'re waiting, so you see which method/thread causes these problems.


Also, to add to what it2000 was saying, a runtime analysis application would also help to diagnose the origin of the problem. I have used JRat in the past.


I followed your suggestion and ran the Eclipse debugger, pausing while waiting. I found two points which seem to be hold ups, both in SASLAuthentication.authentication(String,String,String), at lines 149 and 162. When I went to track down where this was in the source code I ran into some problems so I downloaded source and fresh binaries. When I re-ran I found performance way up. Login times down to a few seconds.

Looks like I had old Smack jar files.

Thanks for all your help - AYAL


The problem that fixed the problem you were having was http://www.jivesoftware.org/issues/browse/SMACK-85. BTW, you may want to use the latest nightly build that includes many important bug fixes and important new features.


– Gato