Smack PubSub Support

I’'m itching to use the PubSub support in Wildfire 2.6.x. I think the Perl Net::Jabber module claims to support client-side PubSub. When can we expect client-side PubSub support in Smack?

This old thread

reports a link to a (very partial) implementation.

Pubsub ( provides a C# implementation of JAP-0060

working with their pubsub service (

I’'d like to see pubsub support in Smack as soon as possible.

Hi all,

we are looking at replacing our MUC solution by a real “Pubsub” implementation. I could not find a task to actually implement PubSub support in Smack .

Has this a not raised a as requirement yet?

I found two main client implementations of Pubsub:

A Java version would be nice.




I’'ve been using this Java Smack API for PubSub for the last 6 months and it seems to do most of what I need:



Did you modify the su-smack to make it work with services?

The guys at ( use a pubsub submessage tag “Pubsub-messageElement” which is not implemented in su-smack.