"Smack" required in the client type of the user id?


As it seams i have to use “Smack” as the client type in the id of a user. Meaning like “user@server/Smack”. When i use something else but “Smack” i am not able to establish a jingle connection. This makes me wonder why “Smack” is required, as it should also be possible to connect to other jingle clients

So how can i use something else but “Smack”?

any help would be appreciated.



“Smack” is not required, but a resource is required.

When we are using Spark, the required resource is “Spark”.

You MUST specify the resource for both parties.



hi there

sorry for a little late answer… i was using a custom type name for both sides of the conversation but it does not work. Only when i use the name Smack a connection can be established. That is for a jingle connection XMPP login and messaging can be done with a custom type name.