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Smack Trunk plus Patches, jar included


here is a compiled version of smack, tentatively named 3.1.1. This smack starts with the current trunk http://www.igniterealtime.org/fisheye/changelog/svn-org/smack?cs=10961. Additionally, we have applied the patches

SMACK-234 PKI (Client SSL Cert) Support.patch

SMACK-264 SASLMechanism.patch

SMACK-263 set-file-info.patch

And a new one: smack_LogWriter.patch Smack-268

For those daring enough, you may test this smack for baking the fixes 234, 264, 263 and the new feature 268

smackx-debug.jar (56038 Bytes)
smack.jar (286101 Bytes)
smackx-debug.jar (56038 Bytes)

smackx-debug.jar is attached twice and smackx.jar is missing.

Hi BlackJack,

I created new jars from the community patch repo over at


maybe you could try these.

smack.jar (286285 Bytes)
smackx.jar (515571 Bytes)
smackx-debug.jar (54863 Bytes)
smackx-jingle.jar (310580 Bytes)