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Smack with GNU Classpath

Hello Everyone,

Some time ago, I posted a discussion about Smack with GNU Classpath that was giving me some problems. Since I solved the problem before I got any answer I removed the post since that wasn’t a big problem.

Now I do have another problem so I’ll try to explain here and see if anybody else can help me.

So I’m using Smack API with JamVM and GNU Classpath. This is working, and I can communicate with other XMPP Clients. But my computer is using a 100% CPU when I’m doing this!!! When I run the same source with a Java Sun VM, I do not get this problem, and everything runs at around 0-1% CPU. So the problem is probably caused by the GNU Classpath!?

Has anyone ever tried this before and could solve this problem??? Any help would be great!!

Thanks in advance…