Smackx PubSubManager inside Whack?

Hi all,

this might be an odd question: is there a way to use the PubSubManager of Smack inside a Whack external component?

I mean, my component has to deal with pubsub and it would be great if I could use the already implemented features of smackx.

The PubSubManager wants a Connection… is there an easy way to modify it in order to make it use the whack connection? :expressionless:



Well, you can extend connection and change things up… but I couldn’t make it work.

I am using some of the “internal” classes of Smack (extending from PubSub and suing Extensions).

Better than nothing

I’m also interested in introducing PubSubManager into Whack and also because of developing external xmpp component which can manipulate pubsub service.

Stefano, did you try to create “new feature” issue request in ignite Jira ( ?

Did you import PubSubManager from smack? If so, could you share your solution, please?