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(small) bug - sharing ldap groups [wf 2.5.1]

When you want to share a group in your users’’ rosters, the option box for “Enable sharing group in rosters” is checked by default - even though no display name is set nor is a share method selected. If you simply enter a display name and a share method and hit “save settings” it won’'t share. You must first disable it, hit save, then re-enable it and save again.

Just thought you’'d like to know.

quick addendum: instead of clicking save, if you simply click disable - then click enable, enter a name, and a method and then[/i] save, you will get a 500 server error.


Explicitly define sharing policy on (first) group population, and default the sharing name of the group be the group name in the LDAP.

May change the code in LDAPGroupProvider.java like this:

private Collection m = g.getProperties();

if (m.get(“sharedRoster.showInRoster”) == null) {

m.put(“sharedRoster.showInRoster”, “onlyGroup”);

m.put(“sharedRoster.displayName”, name);


// Added part ends


// still more original codes…

groups.put(name, g);


// even more original codes…



(Revised for 2.5.1 codes)