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Small escapable names problem still exists

ddman, when I use spark 2.5.1 and a client tries to click on contacts on the top of the window, then clicks on lookup profile, the they try to type in “ted miller” without quotes of course, it does not work, it says unable to locate profile, but if they type in ted\20miller then they can look up the profile for that user… probably the same type of fix you took care of last week!! Just different place… Thanks again!!

Thanks Stealh. I went ahead and filed SPARK-706 for tracking purposes.



@ddman, I also wanted to let you know that the names are still displayed incorrectly in chat windows also, and if I am chatting with more than 1 user, it is displayed incorrectly on the tabs as well… Just wanted to keep you updated!!

@Derek, Also when you mouse over a name in the roster it shows the name as ted\20miller next to their avatar as well as the other previously posted spots…using 2.5.2 beta 1… Thanks!!


@ Derek, I just wanted to bump this up to remind you of the other 2 areas that has the problems I posted ( the 2 right before this 1, just in case you hadn’'t re-read the thread since you last posted) :)… I am very much hoping to see if this gets fixed maybe in a spark 2.5.5 beta maybe… (fingers crossed) Thanks!! I will probably bring this up in chat again just in case!! Actually I would really rather see the fix in the chat window, and when mousing over a name in the box that pops up showing their avatar, before I would care if the fix for the profile lookup was fixed!!

There are currently 3 issues filed for the same type of problem, is there a chance that when one gets fixed, that the others will also be a part of the same fix… spark-575-reopened, spark-731, and spark-706… I am hoping that these fixes will be not too difficult, so there might be a chance that they might get addressed soon… I am supprised noone else notices it… strange…



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