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SmartPhone Usage

Is there anything our company can put on our area managers smartphones for IM with our Spark 2.6.3 and Our Openfire Server 3.7.1? We are using Active Directory and have about 30 people on Spark now but need to see about how to get IM integrated using Iphones and Samsung. Any Ideas?

Assuming that your Samsung smartphones run Android, there is a bunch of jabber/xmpp clients available in Google Play store. Personally i have only tried Xabber and i haven’t tried anything else as it looks a pretty decent client.

But the most important part would be how your phones will access your internal Openfire server, as you can’t stick a network cable into your phone If you have wifi access in your company and your phones can join it and access your network, then it should be easy. You will have to specify server’s IP address instead of the name when creating a profile on Xabber (not sure about other clients).

If your internal network is closed and there is no wifi for the phones, but say you have a cellular connection in them (3G, LTE, etc.). Then you would need to expose your Openfire server to the Internet (open 5222 port on your router/firewall and forward this port to your internal server with Openfire). This could be tricky and you should discuss this with your network administrators.