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SMS incoming message alert with FastPath

I can’t seem to find the option if it is there…is it possible to have FastPath send either an email or an SMS text message (SMS preferred) to my phone to alert me of a support request when using the webchat interface?

As Openfire has email sending support this is probably possible to add such option to send and email from a fastpah plugin. But, you will have to program it or find someone to program this. No such option in FastPath by default. Speaking about sms everything is not as simple as you think. You cant just go and send sms from you computer. You have to have sms provider and pay money for that. If you have one, then again, you will have to program sms provider support in FastPath.

Thank you very much for the clairification. I will look into programming the email option.

Basically, what I’m trying to do is get notifications of chat requests from my website without having to be at the computer or have the volume turned really hi, as I work from home. I’m interested to see what the iPhone app I saw mentioned around will turn out with too.

Thanks again!

I had another thouht…

I was looking at using MySQL triggers to possibly acheive this, but in doing so I came across the ability to send a email my cell phone carrier that then sends me a text…so the question is, is there a way to insert a function into on of the pages in the webchat folder so that when a chat is initiated from the website, an email is sent? I’m not all too familiar with jsp…but is this a possibility?

I’m not a developer myself, so i can only guess. But i think you shouldnt do anything with the jsp (frontend), but you should insert such option under the hood, you will have to change fastpath internal code. Some packet interceptor/listener.