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SMS transport / plugin

Has anyone thought about adding a SMS transport so people could send SMS from Spark to Wildfire server to mobile phones? Any plans for this by Jive? Any open source projects that could help with this?


Hey Panda,

I would really like to have SMS support from Wildfire-Spark. I think that for now your best bet is to go with aspsms which is listed in jabber.org as an external plugin. I think that it was already used with Wildfire before. Try searching in this forum for more information. Using external components is pretty straight forward in Wildfire.


– Gato

Thanks! I will check it out.


But aspsms sending sms over her sms network and takink credits or something, I have own sms gateway, it is possible to forward messages sent from Psi or Spark through my sms gateway to the mobile phone (for example when user is offline)?

Best Regards,


I second this feature request.

It’'d be great to have an SMS gateway easily plugable with Kannel for example.

You also can try the SMS transport for ejabberd using Epeios. AFAIK it has not yet been tested with Wildfire, so some experience would be interesting.