SMS transport plugin?

It’'d be really great if there was an SMS transport usable with our personal SMS gateway like Kannel.

There are some tools and servers for SIP-to-SMS gateways like this example with Asterisk and Kannel , but can’'t find any for SMS-to-XMPP except the Aspsms transport which requires to use their non-free SMS gateway.

With unlimited SMS data plans, an SMS transport for Openfire plugged to Kannel would make a lot of sense.

The problem with SMS transports is that each cell network provider needs its own implementation, so there is no general solution to this.

And also it does not fit the model of this plugin. All of the services handled by the IM Gateway plugin are of nature where you “log into a service” to communicate over it. An SMS transport I imagine would only be a mechanism for sending messages to a particular JID and getting them through to the other side. I could envision such a thing as some other plugin though. You might want to mention it on the openfire support list and see if anyone decides to take the project on. (of course I think others have brought this up before and I haven’'t see a plugin appear to date)


And do you have any sucess with this research? I am also very interested in it. I would even say I can try to implement my own transport xmpp2sms with usage of some abstract layer above Kannel. Where can I find an API which has to be implemented in order to add new transport to OpenFire server?? I am new to this forum (and server also), so I would appreciate your help.


We are just finishing up a prototype SMS–>jabber gateway, unfortunately I did not think to do it as an openfire plugin. We have a multiTech serial modem that uses smstools3, I looked at kannel but found smstools easier to set up, it functions very much like unix’s sendmail.

Perl’s Net::Jabber::Bot does a good job of communicating to openfire via XMPP smstools triggers a script using that module every time the modem receives a SMS message.

We have a small command set that the perl script parses, for example we have ~2500 rooms on the server sending "bind " will attach the users phone to that room and all subsequent messages arrive at that room, messages as sent as user “SMS” we could easily have all or some of the users phone digits be the nickname.

The bottleneck will be messages coming to the modem, which can handle about 10 per minute, you can set up multiple modems for sending out but I haven’t figured a hardware way to have multiple modems for a single phone number. For larger organizations it looks like the way to go is SMPP

If anyone has gone down this road already and knows of a good SMPP provider in the US please let me know.

It would definitely be useful to have an SMS transport that can be used with a personal SMS gateway like Kannel. While there are some tools and servers available for SIP-to-SMS gateways, it seems that there is currently no SMS-to-XMPP transport available that works with Kannel.

However, there may be some options to explore. For example, you could try using the SMS Gateway API provided by Kannel to send SMS messages to a mobile phone, and then use an XMPP client on the phone to forward the messages to an XMPP server like Openfire. This would allow you to receive SMS messages on your personal gateway and have them forwarded to an XMPP client or server.

Another option would be to develop a custom SMS-to-XMPP transport that is specifically designed to work with Kannel. This would require some programming skills and knowledge of both Kannel and XMPP protocols, but it would give you full control over the transport and allow you to customize it to your specific needs.

Overall, while there may not be an existing SMS-to-XMPP transport that works with Kannel, there are some potential workarounds and custom solutions that can be explored. It may require some experimentation and development, but with the right tools and resources, it is definitely possible to build a reliable and efficient SMS transport for Openfire using Kannel as a gateway.

Source: SMSala

There are various options to explore: sms4you and gateway_mm are the DIY “self-hosted” solutions (need a SIM card, etc.), Cheogram is a hosted solution (though you can self-host the bridge) that requires a number from (US/Canada numbers only) or another compatible provider such as Vonage or Twilio.