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Solution for a server and several databases


I have to integrate an internal chat into a business web application.
Is it possible to have a single Openfire server that can manage multiple databases?
or then please tell me if this is possible or if it is possible or not, if so, what would be the solution?

Openfire can’t work with several databases, but maybe your question is if Openfire can use another database (of your business application) for users. Then in theory it is possible via custom auth provider http://download.igniterealtime.org/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/db-integration-guide.html

Thanks for your support.

Yes, in oour case Openfire uses our business application database for authentification, users and groups.
The user of the application can connect to several databases possible so what are the possible solutions to allow that ?

we don’t want to install an openfire server for each database.


I don’t quite understand your case. Do you mean that user1 can be in databaseA and user2 in databaseB and you want both users on one Openfire server. I think this is not possible. But I’m not a developer. Maybe custom auth provider can point to many databases. Unlikely.


I think that a poussible solution is to create for multiple databases users, groups, …
User code, group code, …will be prefide by a discriminant in order to manage all of them from several databases, so, i have to synhronize the datas between my business web app and Openfire, what is best way to do that? using REST APi endpoints, using java part, directly by SQL?