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Solution: How to get teh search service of another server to work


after some initial problems, I ve managed to add teh search service of a second server to my Spark. How to do that. First of all, I needed to get a server to server connection going (You will find a guide to that in the Openfire forum in some detail as a post written by me).

In my setting, both servers are in an intranet enviroment. Lets assume the servers OfficeA and OfficeB have established a secure server to server connection. A user connected to the server OfficeA has the service search.officea in his search window. If he wants to search users of OfficeB, he has to add the search service (search.officeb) to his list.

I had problems to establish the connection to search service due to two reasons:

  1. No secure server to server connection was available. The logs showed SSL errors

  2. No session was established. It took a contact search to establish the session and then the search.officeb service could be added.

I hope this helps other users.

Many thanks,


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