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Solving Thread Timeouts?

Hey guys,

I’‘m curious, does jive implement any solution for thread timeout’'s?

Our current setup closes an inactive connection after 10 minutes. It’'s entirely possible that after 10 minutes, people still want to communicate with each other, but have simply stepped away from their computer for a moment…

Does Jive have any current solution to possibly ping/pong the client? Or is it upto the client to send an “i’'m here” message to jive, a a set interval?

I’'d have to read up on the jabber protocol more to see if this is covered

Thanks guys!

Hey multiplexor,

Jive Messenger does not implement a functionality where idle connections are closed. If you are experiencing that problem you should check your firewall configuration since it’‘s likely that the firewall is closing inactive connections. I don’‘t think that you will find in the XMPP spec anything about this subject since it’'s more a security-implementation issue.

Usually clients implement a keepalive so you should check if your client supports such feature.


– Gato

Ah, Cool. Thanks.

it’‘s going to be interesting because even though we have found a way to keep the clients connected, I’‘m not sure how this will work out when the server is restarted every night… since that seems to be the policy here… i’'m guessing stored sessions or something along those lines…