Some errors by Logging out of MSN gateway

(Wildfire 3.1.0 Beta2 n.b.20.09.2006)

I have seen that some contacts that sould be deleted are after deleting in my roster by the next login.

Is this an normal operation of MSN.

2006.09.22 08:35:51 Got contact MsnContact: 152c215f-8d42-40fc-99c2-3106fab1a758 OFFLINE 11

2006.09.22 08:35:51 Got contact MsnContact: 5742a3a0-5133-4d9e-b609-d2dd45dba58a xxx[FriendlyName] xxx[Status] OFFLINE 11

*******************the fist two contacts are ok but the next two should not be in my roster *************************

2006.09.22 08:35:51 Got contact MsnContact: OFFLINE 4

2006.09.22 08:35:51 Got contact MsnContact: OFFLINE 4

further I hope this help you

2006.09.22 08:36:13 Unable to handle iq request:jabber:iq:roster

2006.09.22 08:36:25 Unable to handle iq request:jabber:iq:roster

2006.09.22 08:36:30 A final resource has gone offline:

2006.09.22 08:36:30 Logging out of MSN gateway.

2006.09.22 08:36:30 Error delivering packet socket: Socket[addr=/,port=1943,localport=5222] session: org.jivesoftware.wildfire.ClientSession@5b3e5d status: 3 address: id: 766463c5 presence:

Not that it’'s entirely intuitive from the numeric representation, but note the listnum for the contacts. The lists are as follows:

1 = Forward List

2 = Allow List

4 = Block List

8 = Reverse List

16 = Pending List

These are bitwise representations and are … I’‘m blanking on the proper terminology, but “added together” to form what all lists the person is on. So for example, the ones with 4 are pretty straight forward and are only on your block list. (block list doesn’'t necessarily always mean that you flat out decided to block them… you may have simply deleted them from your list which depending on the client may trigger a block automatically) The ones with 11 are on: The reverse list (8) + The Allow list (2) + The forward list (1). This is the typical set of lists you will see for someone who is actively a “buddy”. (reverse means you are on their contact list, forward means they are on your contact list, allow means they are allowed to see you/talk to you) Whole thing seems a little more complicated of an architecture than is really necessary, but hey.

So that said, are these buddies that you say should not be in your list showing up in your Jabber roster? (if so that’'s not cool and I need to fix that) Basically, they should only be showing up in the debug logs.

As for the other error, I thought I took care of that… hrm. It’‘s more a matter of the MSN transport is still trying to send you some last couple of packets and you are already gone. So it’'s not a “major” error, but regardless I thought I was catching and shutting up that error. GATE-56

Unfortunately they are on my list.

I try it with spark, Exodus and my own client (MyMoo).

Hrm. GATE-63

I believe you should hide (ignore) them as not existent.

There is a lot of debug messages in my wildfire (not errors) .

We test right know some plug-ins and if you need it i can send it.

let me know to which email I should send it if you want.


And I agree, I think hiding them is the best option. If you -could- remove them I might go the other route but yeah, MSN says no.