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Some issues I am having with Jitsi

Once again, I would like to thank the developers and all the effort into this project.

Personal use:

I use this product for my daughter who is home schooled. As I am at work, she can message me and we can chat about problems she is having with assignments and such. I was using Skype, but it was to unsecured, and un-reliable. This product has opened a whole new door for us into home schooling!

Corporate use:

As a network architect, I develop and promote next generation ideology for networking. We have been exploring outsourcing our video/voice “VOIP” services to the “Cloud” and we have tried a few services and have not been happy or it was just too expensive. This product would be great for our team to talk internally, and to also have at end devices in the MPLS circuits we create for our internal customers to test connectivity and collaborate changes when we acquire other companies or bring up new sites that will be meshed through a provider VPLS circuit. We may be able to put a OpenFire server at every site, and cluster them together though a VPLS meshed topology regardless of geographical location.

OpenFire chat works perfect, but it’s Jitsi we are having issues with.


This is non corporate and just home use, so I know some of this is not best practice…mehh

    • 2008R2 Windows running OpenFire and Jitsi and Domain Controller
    • Juniper SRX 210 for IPSec VPN into network when we are remote
    • ESXi running all 2008R2 servers
    • All clients have chrome version 33 with jave version 7 update 51 installed
    • These services to the client are behind a firewall, but I have opened all ports and applications for this testing, and on the windows machines too.
    • Running latest version of OpenFire and Jitsi
    • Once I share the link out for everyone to join the video chat, everyone’s camera works, but does not share video or audio
    • Once I share screen I get the “chrome error”
    • Will jitsi be able to tag a packet with the DSCP bit for voip so I can apply QoS across the network to give that packet top priority? I did a packet capture and did not see the DSCP bit set.

as an update, i am also having LDAP authentication issues with Jitsi… ill post all logs.