Some questions before start working with wildfire and spark

Hi, I am new in this forum and have two questions. I know use PHP and a bit of JAVA(basic) I need to know two things:

1.-Where I can change the name of the executable “wildfire” to another name (example: wildfire_test)?

2.-Can someone say to me where I can download the source code of spark?

Best Regards


Q1 are you using Windows? Wildfire.exe should be either in the root or in the bin directory of your Wildfire installation - for Unix a simple script named wildfire is used to launch java.

Q2 You still need an SVN client to download the source. plans as far as I know to offer files like when Spark v2.0 gets released.


Really thank these questions are as that I have a dedicated server and want to create a small community using your softwares. Thousand regards