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Some trouble in spark

import com.apple.eawt.Application;

import com.apple.eawt.ApplicationAdapter;

import com.apple.eawt.ApplicationEvent;

anybody know what happen why I can find this three Classes when I import them?

They are probably part of a plugin. Check inside the spark source --> plugins directory. you probably need to compile the apple plugin, then move it to your classpath (lib directory).

Jason,Thank you for your reply.I know what you mean:build apple plugin jar.but when I run as build.xml in apple plugin,com.apple.eawt is not exit.Maybe, com.apple.eawt jar is not to add into lib?I’m not sure.

what is it you are trying to do? if it’s simply compile Spark, then you don’t need whatever this library is. As a note, Spark will not compile from within your IDE without considerable effort. This is due to how the project is layed-out. At compile-time, many supporting libraries get built from source, etc… so these dependencies are not present for your IDE to use/compile spark with.

Instead, use ANT to compile spark. The build.xml ANT script located in the build directory of the spark source handles pretty much everything for you. Just do:

ant release

from the cmd line and ant will do it all for you. Then jump over to the newly created Target directory for your compiled jars, etc.