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Some Users from AD not available in openfire

I have openfire attached to my Active Directory for user authentication.

Some users work… but some users do not.

I have verified that all users are in the AD OU and security group that i have openfire looking in. But some users just don’t appear in the user list in openfire. and those users cannot login.

I can’t seem to find a difference between the accounts that work and the ones that don’t!

any ideas?


LDAP Settings





Base DN:


Administrator DN:



i found out that it was just one OU under the main staff OU.

the OU was named ‘MS/HS’.

All i did was rename the OU ‘MSHS’ and everything worked.

Openfire must not be able to read OUs with ‘/’ in it. I’m sure this probably goes for other special characters too.

Something to keep in mind.


I have said this many times in this forum. AD naming should be treated like DOS naming. Just because you can use a character does not mean that you should. LDAP lookup is a web protocol an performs best with standard naming conventions. Try to avoid spaces and special characters.