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Some users have problems with proper connection to roster


I have 150 users connected to my LDAP server, two of them have problems with appropriate connection to roster. One of them is invisible for other users, another, has visible status “Disconnected” although he has “Connected” status on his client program. In addition they have no one on their contact lists. They were also added to specific group like other users. It seems as if they have external accounts and need additional authentication. But all users have authentication from LDAP server and their sessions are visible in OpenFire server.

I have no idea where the problem is.

My software:

Linux, OpenLDAP, MySQL, OpenFire ver. 3.3.3

Many thanks for any help.

Hi Piotr. I’ve had similar problems and one thing that seemed cause problem was case sensitivity (in XMPP). If a user was called “Joe” in LDAP (AD) the JID will be "joe@server.com". When I changed the name in LDAP to “joe” (no capital letters) and restarted the jabberserver he became online and visible to others.

Hope it helps,


Hi John,

Unfortunately, I tried to solve this issue as you did but with no effect.

When I send a query from XML console to the server to get information about user:

Do you have any ideas what is the problem?