Some weird problems after 2 weeks of use

So I had openfire running on centos with no problems, this morning I went to login to the admin control panel and the setup page was displayed… I tried messing with it a bit even tried filling out the setup page but after its complete it just takes me right back to the setup page for the admin login any help would be nice.

forgot to also add it seems the server it self is running ok all accept the registration page is also takes you the setup page any ideas on this??

is there a way to back up the embeded database so I can just reinstall?

The embedded database is just a file, so you should be able to copy it around. It may be best to stop openfire first.

Typically, this is caused by a mismatch between the user who runs openfire and the ownerships of the /opt/openfire directory. The openfire user is not able to write changes to its config file, so the setup process loops over and over again


What files exactly need to be coppied?