Someone advise me, about encryption in "encryptedPassword"

dear all,

I just try to develop php page to add user to “jiveUser”. But I can find the way to encrypt the password as same as openfire dose.

I just know that openfire use blowfish to crypt and decrypt it. Can someone help me, advise me or send me the link that maybe useful to me.

Thanks a lot,


It’s not an good idea to play around in the database while Openfire is running, since Openfire does cache parts of that database. However adding users does work, other things like roster or groups do not.

The best way to add users is to use Openfire’s internals for that:

  1. It’s easy to store encrpyted passwords.

  2. Your plugins are notified if an new user was created.

  3. You can easily write an plugin is able to create users on HTTP requests. (see Registration plugin for that)

Here are a couple links that you may find useful: 1, 2.

By the way, as coolcat already suggested, I would be very careful playing around with the db from outside of openfire.